Thursday, August 7, 2008

North Coast: Week One - Heading North

Taking five weeks of vacation time is a first for me. Although I've been writing lists, John has done most of the work in prepping the boat, as I've been working late every night. But after a long week of preparations, I'm feeling good about leaving my job, and heading out for a month of sun and relaxation!!

Our first week was interesting. Some of the highlights...
  • Day 1: Cabin heater fuel tanks springs a leak, will not pressurize. Hmmm...but we buy a portable propane heater, before leaving the dock.
  • Day 1: Galley faucet suddenly does not work. After some investigation, it seems a hose has popped off, resulting in one whole water tank ending up in the bilge. Luckily our bilge pump works like a dream and handles it with no problems. We fix water hose.
  • Day 1: We made a new friend and were gifted a sockeye filet in Kelsey Bay tonight. A good way to end the day.
  • Day 2: Stopped in Alert Bay to pick up a couple of charts that didn't make their way onto the boat. Also picked up a frypan that will poach more than one egg at a time.
  • Day 3: We hear the Coast Guard looking for the owner of a aluminum boat that has been found adrift near Malcolm Island. dad is supposed to be fishing near Malcolm Island today. In his aluminum boat.
  • Day 3: Tonight we're the grateful recipients of a beautiful halibut filet. Plus I learned how to extract the 'ivory' from a rock fish.
  • Day 4: Had a less-than-welcoming party greet us at "you can't dock here" Shearwater. Anchored in beautiful Kynumpt Harbour instead.
  • Day 5: Engine makes funny sounds, so we return to Shearwater to talk to the diesel mechanic, Lorne, who assures us that this is typical of an engine that is seating its rings.
  • Day 6: Lose an integral part of the coffee percolater overboard. John is beside himself.
  • Day 7: Reach top of Banks Island in preparation to cross the strait to Haida Gwaii. Discover the bilge is full of oil, and we're pouring oil from both the front and rear main seals. Not good.
What a week. At least it was sunny.