Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun in Honolulu

Our first few days in Honolulu have been fabulous! We're moored at the Waikiki Yacht Club, in central Honolulu. We're beside a wonderful park and beach, the bus routes, and the biggest mall in the state. We've been all over town shopping for alternators, used books, and a new bikini. We also had the great luck of being here at the same time as my aunt and uncle, and it was great to catch up with them. Next up...sightseeing!

The view from Laysan's flybridge
At the park beside the marina, we placed bets on the remote control sailboat racing.

My aunt and uncle, Tosh and Donna, were thrilled to get a tour of Laysan.

Laysan Delivery - Passage Pics

As usual, we didn't take many pictures underway. But, here's a few pics of our passage.

We spent long hours at the helm. We passed the time by reading, watching movies, chatting, and eating!

Everyday, I checked in with the Pacific Seafarer's Net to report our position and weather info. They were a great group of people located all over the pacific, and talking with them on the radio each day was a highlight!

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Red-footed Boobies loved to hang out on the boat.