Wednesday, November 23, 2011

John's kryptonite

We've heard from a few of you regarding our lack of blog posts. Actually,
this time, we're not out and about having too much fun to blog. In fact,
there just isn't much to blog about. Really. As evidenced by the blog


I think I've finally discovered John's kryptonite. The one thing that
weakens him. Renders him quite useless. I'd say it turns him into a little
girl, but I find that a bit insulting. Here it is. A secret weapon.




If you've been following the blog for a while, you may remember that a
cockroach sighting on our boat in Mexico prompted the Captain to raise all
crew (me) from their bunks, and do a complete swath of the boat. In the
middle of the night. Empty all lockers and cupboards. Fun.

That experience caused us to stock up on a variety of cockroach potions.
We've been lucky so far (Knock on wood). Apart from a mammoth cockroach that
flew into the porthole while I was in the head (I not-so-calmly emptied half
a can of roach spray on, we've not had any infestations.

And we're careful to keep it that way.

Lately we've relaxed our "no cardboard onboard" rule. It's a bit cumbersome.
Lots of good things come in cardboard. Eggs. Mac and cheese. Cereal. Boat
parts. Etc. We've gotten lazy.

So I guess we shouldn't have been too surprised when a two inch cockroach
greeted John from the garlic container tonight. He let out a (girly) shriek
and took a step backwards. I'm sure he would have moved further away had our
boat been bigger, but we live in a one-step galley.

I ran for the roach spray. After a couple more shrieks from both of us, we
emerged victorious. I know, a bit unfair. 2 against 1. No sympathy here. I
believe that these guys will be here long after we humans are extinct. In
retrospect, we think it hitchhiked in the egg carton.

So...should you ever find yourself in a battle with John (and are not
concerned about maintaining a friendship), you might consider deploying a
huge, flying roach. Just don't tell him you got the idea from me.