Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maloelap War Remains

Our first few days at this atoll of Maloelap have been very interesting.
This atoll was a major military base for the Japanese during WWII, and there
are tons of artifacts strewn around the island. At one time over 3000
military personnel were stationed here. Every day we've walked in search of
guns, bunkers, bombs, planes and buildings. And we have not been
disappointed. Some days, the local kids guide us. When they are in school,
we just wander on our own.


We've found:
- zeros
- betty bombers
- bunkers
- live artillery shells
- live bombs
- 127 mm howitzers
- machine shop
- generator shed
- hospital building
- large fuel and water tanks
- huge storage areas
- gun emplacements
- sunken ships
- railroads
- air field and runways
- Japanese gravesite or memorial
- rebutments (?) for plane storage

The ground is covered in pits where bombs landed.

And many times, we don't know what we're looking at. The jungle is working
hard to take over the land and conceal all the evidence. Pigs and chickens
dig amidst the rusty relics. Coconuts grown on old buildings. Vines twist
themselves around the guns.

But glass balls.

One of many generators

The locals are using this engine cowling to cover their well

Another boat has arrived here. S/Y Jennifer from Sweden
(, with 7 people on board. We were treated to a
wonderful dinner aboard yesterday. Today we all tromped through the jungle
on another junk-hunting mission. They are moving quickly and will only be
here another day or two.