Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Outboard Engine Repair

I know. You're scratching your head, wondering what is wrong with that picture. Yet another pic of John tinkering with our outboard. But wait a minute. That isn't a 70's era Evinrude?? I KNOW!! :O)

We noticed our next-door-boat had this tiny outboard on his stern, and a great big dinghy, with a good sized outboard. We decided to investigate. Turns out...he isn't using this one. It doesn't run, but hasn't been used
too much and isn't very old, and he's happy to sell it to us, if we can get it running. Well... You can only imagine the monstrous grin on John's face!

John's in his happy place. Cleaning fuel lines. Rebuilding the carbarator. Going for laps around Renova. Happy guy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Provisioning...gone to heaven!

Riding the buses is a great adventure - blaring music, cheap - $1, and lots of local culture

We joined forces with the crew from Selah for a mission out to the Cost-U-Less. Just like Costco. It was a great mission! John and I loaded up with staples and were happy to be paying US prices, much cheaper than in French Polynesia!

Just like home...almost

The crew of Selah had other prioirities. The four boys managed to fill up a cart's worth of items just from the sweets and treats aisle! Nice.

We had planned to share a cab back to town, but we were thrilled when Roland, the store manager, offered to take take us and our loot back in his truck! We loaded in, and took off. The boys were stuffed in between boxes of licorice and gummy bears, and Dixie and I riding in style in the cab!

A boat load of groceries!

It was touch and go, but we managed to fit all our goodies into the dinghy in one load. Hurray. But...that's only half of it. Now we have to find places to stash all this stuff on the boat!

Fitting everything into our little dinghy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Photos!!


I've just spent the whole day uploading photos! It isn't fast internet, but it is free. If you're interested, you'll see the new photos added to previous blog entries - all the way back to our time at Maupiti.

AND...I've uploaded even more photos to our flickr photo site - check them out with the link on the right, or view the slide shows by clicking here:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dolphin Identification Help Please

We had dolphin visitors on our passage from Suwarrow to American Samoa. They
don't appear in my marine mammal guides for BC. Go figure? So...for those of
you marine mammal experts, or those with good internet...please help.

The dolphins were similar in shape to our striped dolphin at home. They were
sleek looking, about 2 meters long, and with a pointed snout. They were
solid grey all over, with some having whitish spots or speckles visible on
their backs. Also, most seemed to have a white tip on their snout. If you
have any suggestions, we'd love help to solve the riddle. Feel free to use
the comment box below.

Arrival in American Samoa

We have just arrived in American Samoa. We traveled the 465 nm in under 4
days. We had a beautiful downwind sail the entire way, only occasionally
having to do minor adjustments to the sails from time to time. We spent the
time reading, listening to podcasts, watching Dexter and just lounging.

We're now in American Samoa. Because we've arrived on a Sunday, we can't
officially check in with customs until tomorrow (unless we want to pay
overtime fees), so we are supposed to stay on the boat until we are cleared.
Others in the anchorage have already told us that they are rigid about the
rules, but relaxed and friendly, and won't mind us going ashore. Hmmm.

The Sunkist Tuna Factory. Best not to be downwind.

The harbour here is pretty disgusting. Plastic floats all around us. The
tuna factory on the shores provides a distinctive odour. But, the mountains
that rise above each side of the harbour are lush and green, and the
buildings are painted in a variety of bright and cheerful colors. We're looking
forward to exploring.

We were pleased to see two familiar boats in the anchorage - Australia 31 and Secret Agent Man. We received a warm welcome and enjoyed catching up on the last few weeks over evening cocktails!

Yacht Anchorage - we're here with 10 boats, most of whom have spent the season here.
We passed the golden arches on the way into the harbour, and now all John
can talk about is burgers and french fries. I expect we'll be making a visit
before too long. Not sure how I can be so anti-McD's at home, yet cave so
easily here. Nostalgia? Perhaps.