Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Blog Stats

Inspired by this post on our techno-wizard friends' blog: Hello World, I thought I'd take a look at our blog stats for 2009. This is what I found out (we launched the blog in August 2009):

3,078 Visits
579 Unique Visitors
5,346 Page Views

58% of visitors come to the site directly
11% of visitors come via google
9% of visitors find us via blogger
6% of visitors come via a hotmail link (likely my email signature)

Our visitors hail mostly from Canada and the USA, but also consistent number from UK and throughout Europe, and odd numbers from all sorts of countries around the globe. Brazil, seems to also have high number of visitors for some reason??

The keywords that people used to find us were mostly typical - some combination of our names, the boat name/model, etc. Other questionable/humorous keywords were:
  • engine cleaners
  • renova .02 pump
  • renova more:drug_warnings_recalls
Obviously, I need to take a page from Hello World, and write more posts about Blue-footed Boobies and turkish hookers, if I really want to increase my readership. Hmmm... perhaps a resolution for 2010 is in the works here...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

New Year's Eve saw me enjoying drinks with a few other couples on board Hello World, with the crews of Pisces, and Bint al Khamseen. We had a great night, chatting about boats and our travel plans, and watching the shoreside fireworks. John spent the evening eating sushi with Ron, and enduring long lines in the airport.

Now that John's back in La Paz, we've jumped into a few more boat projects, and are enjoying spending time with our new friends. We've got a few things accomplished, but we are definitely finding that this place really does have a black hole quality to it... it is hard to leave the good living of La Paz - shopping is easy, boat work is easy, the marina is cheap, the internet is good, and the language barrier is getting most places speak some english.

We've tried to leave the marina a couple of times, but have always found a very important reason to stay another night. We're planning to head to the anchorage again today, then look into hauling out the boat to paint her bottom.

Many of you have asked about our plans...we're leaning towards heading south, across to mainland Mexico, and then jumping to the Galapagos in February. Lots to do.

One of the many bronze statues that line the Malecon in La Paz: