Friday, July 9, 2010

Diving the Cessna

Yesterday had a great dive on the wreck of a Cessna airplane nearby. It was a shallow dive, so we shared equipment among 8 of us. Nice to get in the water, as it was smokin' hot. After our dive, we floated around, enjoying our cool beverages. It will be hard to leave here.

It's been great having Mike here - we're off today to explore the market, and take in some of the celebrations for Heiva - the month-long festival. Tonight we have tickets to see some of the dance and singing competitions!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday Fun

We have been enjoying Papeete. I had a fun birthday lounging around, and enjoying a day without boat chores. We had a fun dinner with the hilarious Licorne crew at the marina restaurant and finished up with drinks in the bar. Tango gave us a fabulous mattress pad, so we're now happily sleeping in comfort for the first time in almost a year (hard to believe we've been living on this boat for a year already)!! What a birthday gift!!

The last few days have been a blur. We've been trying to make arrangements for flights home, doing brightwork, shopping, refilling propane, exploring Papeete, etc. Lots of boats here that we've seen along the way, and many more new faces, so it's been fun to hang out and get to know more people. Most are moving along, and heading to Australia or New Zealand for the cyclone season.

We also stopped into an internet cafe in town and had a chance to check out the blog. Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments on the blog - we really enjoy reading them!!

Mikey's just arrived, so we're looking forward to lots more exploring and sightseeing, now that he's here.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visa Denied - We're Coming Home

We were counting on being able to stay here for the standard 90 days, plus receive an etra 60 day extension. After all, that is what the yachtsman guide indicates...and it is published by the local authorities. But...we've been told that unless you have a veritable medical emergency or boat breakdown, there is no way to have your visa extended. So sad.

So we're coming home. At the end of the month.

We were looking forward to coming home in the fall to work for a few months, and returning to the boat here in polynesia in the new year. Now...we'll be coming home sooner, and staying longer. The upside is that we'll get to be home for some of the summer season, and hopefully get some time at the lake to windsurf, and maybe some camping.

We've got three weeks of cruising left. We'll have time to cruise to Moorea, maybe Huahine, before heading to Raiatea to put the boat in the yard, and prepare her for the season out of the water.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Arrived in Papeete

After a quick trip of just under 2 days, we've arrived in Papeete, Tahiti. It was a good passage - we sailed under genoa only, to keep our speed down so we didn't arrive before dawn. We had a few small squalls en route, but for the most part, it was an easy passage. There were large swells on our beam, so it was another rolly passage.

We've anchored a couple of miles south of the city, in front of Marina Taina. There are over 100 boats here - and it is absolutely crazy. Some boats are on moorings, and some are at anchor. So everyone moves differently, as the wind changes. We've heard that there have been plenty of instances where boats spin into each other, and so on. FUN. But, there is a HUGE grocery store nearby, and the marina has showers and water, and there are lots of boats here that we have been able to catch up with and spend time with.

Tonight we're heading out for a night on the town with our friends on Licorne - birthday celebrations!! And gearing up for tomorrow, when we will check in with authorities and plead to be able to stay in the country beyond the typical 90 days. Wish us luck.

And...Mike (my brother) has just decided to come for a visit, we're excited to see him and share this piece of paradise!!

Location: 17°34.84'S and 149°37.12'W