Monday, March 19, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Within 10 minutes of tying up to the mooring ball at Majuro, we were in the
dinghy and heading for food. After our overnight passage, we were anxious
for some yummy lunch. DAR hit the spot with shrimp chop suey and chicken
chow mein. Yum.

Our overnight passage was pretty uneventful. We went through several
squalls, which we've come to associate with Majuro. There always seem to be
regular squalls as you get closer to this atoll. We always find one or two
day trips a bit painful, because there is no time to get your body into a
sleep rhythm. Try going to bed at 7pm. Not easy. Or staying up half the
night. After our 2nd or 3rd night, we're in the groove and life is good, but
a one night trip always takes a toll. Even if the passage is short, we still
think of the good food we'll eat when the boat stops rocking and hopefully
when someone else is doing the cooking!

After our lunchtime splurge we grabbed some eggs, potstickers, and an
internet card, and returned to the boat for a few hours of zzzzzz's.