Thursday, April 12, 2012

April showers

(April 11 - posted by Mike)

Yesterday was chore day on Renova with the Captain and crew gathering
supplies, fuel, water and making preparations so we would be ready to sail
north in case we get some favorable weather. (ok, maybe a little more
captain and a little less crew- thanks john!) We seem to be stuck between 2
low pressure systems which has been disturbing the trade winds. And with the
low pressure comes rain.

Last night was another cruiser dinner night at a local restaurant. Seems
funny to come all this way for taco night!

We had had sun for most of the day. As we finished our meals, it started to
rain - then pour! We waited inside for the rain to lighten, which never
came. In fact, it started to rain harder. We ran for the dingy which had
collected a good supply of rain water.

Back on the boat and soaking wet. We hunkered down and kicked ourselves for
paying for freshwater! We put out some buckets and went to bed listening to
the rain and watching lightening across the lagoon.

We awoke today to grey skies and more rain. Should be a good day for
Internet and some shopping. After all we don't seem to be going anywhere

But I have to say at least it's a warm rain!! Not bad at all as far as
weather goes!

Chat soon!

The winds return!!

(April 12 - posted by Mike)

After days of no wind, the trade winds finally returned last night, bringing
with them clear blue skies this morning.

We plan to get the last of our perishables today as well as items for
delivery to the outer island.

With any luck we should be setting sail this afternoon. If the weather holds
out we should stay out until I have to be back at Majuro the day before I
fly out on the 25th. Communication on the outer islands is by radio alone
so no Internet or cell. Hopefully, we can get a few updates out by satellite

Ok it's time to get up and make some hot water for the morning brew and
check the radio. Each morning we listen to the cruisers daily "net"- a radio
broadcast that has local info and weather for the boaters. Let's see what
the latest forecast is!

Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No Wind, No Travel

Mike's been here a full week, and we're still in Majuro. We've got a very
weird weather system around us. Absolutely no wind. For the past week we've
had less than 5 knots of wind in the forecast. Not ideal sailing weather. So
we've hung out here in Majuro, while we wait for the wind to return to push
us to our next stop, Aur Atoll.

No problem, we're still keeping busy and having fun. We went to our
favourite local hang outs - Eneko and Enemwanet. We snorkelled. We swam. We
lounged. We bbq'ed. We paddleboarded. Mike even wakeboarded.

Now it rains. Torrential, sink-the-dinghy kind of rain. Sheesh. And we just
bought water to fill our tanks. Figures.