Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glacier Bay

What an amazing place. We were able to get a four day permit to visit this
National Park and UN Biosphere Reserve. We weren't planning to come here,
but we're glad we did. Our first day, we were able to see orca, humpbacks,
sea lions, sea otters, and a moose! And it was sunny!

Here's some fast Glacier Bay facts:
- The Park is over 3 million acres - the size of Connecticut
- Last night, the tide went from 18ft to -5ft.
- 250 years ago, there was no Glacier Bay - it was all ice.
- Glaciers have now receded 60 miles to the head of the bay.
- Most glacier here are receding, except two (one growing/one stable).
- 2 cruise ships, 3 tour boats, 6 charter boats, and 25 private vessels are permitted in the park each day.

Here's a few snaps...


Sea Otters were EVERYWHERE...and crabs were not

This guy was near the visitor centre!

Brrr...a chilly Alaskan day

Hanging with the bergs - an amazing way to spend one's birthday!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Elfin Cove

This was a community where we felt at home! After tying up to the (free)
dock, we wandered around this picturesque boardwalk community.
the walk to the grocery store
 As is our pattern, we checked out the local pub, and found the beers and fries to be
very tasty, and the locals were friendly and chatty.

The Elfin Cove Lodge
I needed to make some unplanned travel arrangements, so I asked the Elfin
Cove Lodge at the top of the dock if I might use their wifi. Donna, the new
owner, was so happy to help and she offered me a comfy seat in the lounge,
drinks from the fridge, the use of their hot tub, and even offered her car
when we get to Juneau. It is a beautiful lodge in a stunning location and if
you are contemplating an Alaska fishing trip, you should check it out:


Happy Canada Day