Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 5 - Heading North

It's day five. Sunday May 13. We're finally getting our sea legs, but we're
certainly not produuctive people. We work to make the boat go forward. We
report our daily position via radio. We expend minimal efforts to get food
and water in us (and out). And we lie horizontally - mostly reading or
sleeping. That is it. Oddly, it isn't boring. It just isn't anything.

We're moving along well. Winds are NE, so we're heading straight north. We
hope that winds will veer to the south, so we'll be able to make some
easting. But we're not anxious yet. We want to be far enough north, that we
can go around the top of the North Pacific High. We don't want to be caught
in the windless middle.

Conditions are fine. We've got gusty wind conditions, so lots of changes
with the headsail - furled out, furled in, repeat. Swell is 2-3 meters, with
an occasional one splashing clear over the boat, turning us into a
submarine, and soaking the less-than-amused person in the cockpit. It would
be funny if we were on the outside looking in.

So that's it from us, for now. Thanks for your emails...we really enjoy
reading them. Maybe we'll be feeling more able to write emails in the coming

If you'd like to follow our daily progress, you can check out our position
(which we submit by radio) at this link:

3600nm to go... Maybe. I can't really be bothered to get up and look.

Monday, May 7, 2012

We're Outta Here

We've cleared customs and immigration. One more dinner ashore, and then
we're setting off. First north, then east. Let the fun begin...