Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day on the High Seas

Well, the folks were tickled pink when we organized a day of adventure on
the high seas...well, actually, a 'toodle' around the lagoon to give the
engine a good test and to scope out a couple new snorkelling locales. We had
a great day, the engine ran like a dream, the sun was shining and all
passengers who left with the good ship Renova, were returned to port at the
end of the day, happy and glowing!
We motored to the east side of Raiatea, to the pass through which we entered
last July, and dropped the hook off a small islet. Immediately, snorkels and
suits were donned, and we were admiring the brightly coloured fish that
surrounded the boat and the reefs nearby. The captain prepared a lunch
feast, and we ate before weighing anchor towards the next islet and
snorkel/exploration expedition.
The interesting part of all of this is that Renova does not have a boarding
ladder to speak of. We have a small rope ladder, that had a few pieces of
pvc as rungs, but is notoriously difficult to use. John and I have become
adept, but only after much practice, and a considerable amount of swearing.
We suggested that the best way to board the boat, was to snorkel to shore,
where we could get in the dinghy, and then get into the boat from the
dinghy. Whew.

I got several excellent photos of the day...but most are on Nola and Mum's
cameras. So this will have to do for now (they are currently exploring Bora
Bora for two nights - honeymooner's paradise)!

We've finally moved out of the marina, and we're currently on an illegal
mooring ball, waiting for someone to notice (or cut us loose in the night).