Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good bye Beautiful Samoa

We're leaving Samoa. 

"It's easy to say hello, but hard to say goodbye". That is what our cab driving friend Tiali told me today. How right he is. We've had a great time here. We've met incredible people. We've seen stunning natural features and landscapes. It is an incredible country. 

But, our pocket books, calendars, and livers are all screaming for a tomorrow, we head for Canton Island, in the Phoenix Group of Kiribati.

We will not have internet again for many months. Please hold off on emailing us with your photos for a while. We will continue to update our blog via the satellite phone. Unfortunately, I won't have enough time to update the blog with all our Samoan adventures, but here's a few images of Samoa.

Dancers at the Fia Fia

Dancers at the Fia Fia
Daniel cruising down at the Sliding Rocks (photo by Michelle)
Renova disappearing in the swell (photo by Eric)
Here is Renova and Evangeline bobbing about as we left the harbour during the Tsunami warning. (Photo by Eric)
A few of the interesting items at the fish market (photo by Dom)
Fire dancing (photo by Dom)

The sunset dinghy derby. FISH ON.

Earlier this week, I've added a few other posts of our time in Samoa...but you'll have to scroll down to see them...they are backdated. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Naomi is a Samoan Name

I've taken to introducing myself as Nah-omi. As opposed to my usual NAY-omi. Rhymes with in the musical note FA. It is a common Samoan name, and that is the proper pronunciation in Japanese too. So it isn't a stretch. And the local people love it. They always tell me that their wife, cousin, sister, etc is Naomi! Or the ferry. Or Ruth's sister. Cool.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lots of Updates...just not yet

We have lots to blog about. Like tons of awesome new gear. And fun trips. New friends. A birthday celebration. Samoan life. But...sadly, our computer has finally bit the dust. Died. *Hit the bed. So, it has been sent to Canada for a hopeful warranty replacement, and I'm now setting up our power-pig, back-up computer to be our emailing, blogging, navigating super-machine. It's not going well.

If you've sent email recently...thank you so much! Especially for all the awesome birthday greetings!! I'll be attempting to recover my email and address book, so I hope to respond to you all soon.