Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daily Ritual

While in Samoa, we've had to work hard to keep cool in the blistering heat. Being in the marina doesn't allow the breeze to flow through the boat, so it is stifling hot. We suffer. By the afternoon, we're all ready for a break. Most days, we head to the pool at Aggie Gray's Hotel for happy hour. Not much is better than a cold cocktail and a swim. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Eric (SV Secret Agent Man), Dom, John and I had a fabulous tour around the island with Tiali. We saw the To Sua Ocean Trench, some great falls, beautiful beaches, local homes, a Bahaii house of worship. After a day in the car...we were exhausted...but happy!

Tomorrow, we leave marina comforts for the less developed island of Savai'i. We've been granted permission from the Prime Minister's office to tour around the island for one week.  

Christmas in Samoa

Dom is here!! He arrived late on Monday, with a pack FULL of goodies from
our wish list, and odd treats sent from friends and family. Thanks to
everyone who filled his bag, especially Amy, Dave, Mum, Murray and Celina!
We are now happily fixing the outboard, eating chocolate and conditioning my
hair! Ahhh...the simple pleasures!!

We spent his first day exploring town and seeking the Prime Minister's
permission to explore some of the outer anchorages. Today, we hope to tour
the island with our taxi-driving friend, Tiali.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marina living...

They have a new marine here in Apia. Only a couple years old. Nice cement
docks. And you MUST tie up here. There is no longer any anchoring permitted
in the harbour. They even send out a boat to greet you, guide you into your
berth and help you to tie up. And...there is drinkable water (hurray) and
electricity (220v - not so handy for us). And of course, there is a nightly fee...which adds up quickly.

Marina living is pretty good. We were put into the slip right at the bottom
of the ramp to shore, so we have met everyone here. Not many cruising boats
here - a couple of empty sailboats, and a few fishing charter boats.
Everyone has been super friendly. And for the first time in memory, we're
the largest boat, for the moment. Weird. So we've been having quite a few
dinners aboard Renova.

Here we are enjoying musical performances from Alec (fishing guide aboard
Southern Destiny) and Shawn (local from across the street). Dom and Eric
also provided musical entertainment for the evening!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Siva Afi

We have been lucky to arrive in Apia, Samoa in time for the 10th Annual International Siva Afi competition. Siva Afi is fire dancing. So for the past three evenings, we've enjoyed first the seniors qualifications, the juniors, and the finals! There is big stakes for this competition. The winner receives $3000 tala...almost 3/4 of the average annual income!

The shows were incredible. It was difficult to take photos, but I'll try to process some of the small video clips in the coming days.

Here are John and I, sporting our lava lavas...the sarongs that are commonly worn by men and women in the Samoas.

When was the last time...

That you had to bring in a flat bed truck in order to take home the fish you just caught??

Well, I have to admit that I've never had to call in a truck for my fishing exploits. In fact. All the fish I've ever caught (in my life) would probably fit into the trunk of my Civic.

SO...that provides a bit of context for this...

I'm sitting in the boat, cleaning the galley (guest is coming, remember), and this is what I see out the port hole!!
Without doubt the biggest Marlin I've ever seen. The young guy, Ryan, caught the fish.
It took him 2 and a half hours to bring it to the boat. And then they had to drag it to the marina, as they couldn't bring it aboard. Whew. It weighed 198 KILOS!! It was a Blue Marlin. Beautiful. Amazing. Humongous. And Sad.