Thursday, August 14, 2008

North Coast: Week Two - Engine Troubles

With a leaking engine, we realized we needed to alter our course, and make our way to Prince Rupert, in order to fix our engine. We weren't planning to go to PR, so we didn't have the appropriate charts, but we were fortunate to hail a passing fish boat, who gave us his local chart, refusing to take any of our tokens of thanks. This was an indicator of the kindness we were to experience in PR.

Immediately upon entering the docks, we met Marty, who was kind enough to provide some advice on local mechanics. After more chatting, he invited us up to his house for showers, laundry and even dinner!! What a treat. Over the next week while we awaited parts, took shelter from weather, conducted repairs, and re-provisioned, Marty and his family took us in and chauffeured us, fed us, entertained us, toured us, calmed us, and warmed us. We can't thank them enough. We're looking forward to repaying their kindness and hope we can do the same for other cruisers that arrive here in CR. We also hope to return to PR to explore more of the surrounding area.

At the same time that we were absorbed with engine repairs, many other boats had taken shelter from the terrible rain and storm warnings in PR. So the docks were full of other cruisers, and our engines problems seemed to solicit a fair bit of interest. Once again, we were taken aback with how friendly and helpful everyone was. Our dock mates, Cliff and Orma on Skylark II, even had the identical engine, and we spent a fair amount of time discussing the finer details.

As it turns out, we spent the rest of the week in PR. We (John) fashioned an outboard bracket to our transom, arranged for my cousin (Jo) to deliver an outboard from our home, ordered spare engine parts (that never arrived), visited the excellent local museum, bought groceries, and fixed our kitchen drain. It was a busy week. It rained the whole time.


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