Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Winter To-Do List

Here's a list of items that we hope to accomplish over the winter (and spring, and summer...):

John's Tasks
  • replace mainsail furling line
  • new sails: genoa
  • repair leaks: cockpit locker lids, companion way, steering pedestal
  • find storage solution for sewing machine - new table top
  • buy rode for sea anchor (use existing anchor rode?)
  • find new storm anchor
  • build a drawer insert for the deep drawer of navigation station
Naomi's Tasks
  • replace lifelines
  • install new mast track for trysail
  • apply for radio station license
  • assemble a ditch bag
  • install moisture barrier (HyperVent) under v-berth
  • install liner in lower cabinets
  • create boat cards
  • sew cover for staysail
  • add blocks for headsail furling line
  • buy storm jib sheets
  • get antenna for SSB receiver and learn to use it
  • purchase sextant DONE and tables/books required to use it
  • source pilot charts and cruising guides for west coast USA, Mexico, Galapagos and South Pacific.
  • compile sewing kit and beef up first aid kit
  • visit travel clinic for appropriate vaccinations/medication
  • sew padded bag for outboard motor
  • sew cover for flag staff
  • HAM license
  • develop sailing system for our dinghy
  • install wi-fi antennae
  • secure floor boards and settee locker covers
  • add home port to stern transom
  • sew cockpit cover for sun/rain protection and rain collection
  • register EPIRB with authorities DONE
  • purchase super-duper mosquito screens DONE
  • find 12v cabin fans DONE
  • purchase horizontal propane tanks DONE
  • find and install solar panel DONE
  • buy new chain to fit into windlass DONE
  • make GPS connections to VHF and computer DONE
  • troubleshoot spare alternator DONE
  • new GPS DONE
  • install water faucet for use with foot pump DONE
  • purchase epirb and life raft DONE
  • build arch for solar panel installation DONE
  • install GPS receiver DONE
  • install new battery and box DONE
  • finish refit on anchor lockers DONE
  • buy small GPS receiver for computer DONE
  • purchase sea anchor DONE
  • purchase two double blocks for windvane steering lines DONE
  • buy storm tri sail DONE
  • purchase and install Monitor windvane DONE
  • repair old depth sounder and buy replacement transducers DONE
  • new back-up depth sounder DONE
  • buy 2nd snatch block for spinnaker DONE
  • purchase diesel jugs DONE
  • replace staysail halyard DONE
  • purchase water jugs DONE
  • purchase new engine instrument panel DONE
  • purchase fuel/water separator funnel DONE
  • create foam blocks for dingy to sit on cabin top DONE
  • build MOB pole DONE
  • exchange gypsy on windlass for 3/8" chain DONE
  • install new engine instrument panel in cockpit DONE
  • replace spinnaker halyard and genoa sheets DONE
  • install flag line to spreader (this has a proper name, I'm sure!) DONE
  • follow up on MMSI application form and program new vhf radio DONE
  • repair leaks: navigation station locker DONE ,
  • repair/reconfigure cabin heater DONE
  • purchase new water faucet for use with foot pump DONE
  • install manual windlass DONE
  • rebuild engine and re-install DONE
  • inspect/clean holding tank and plumbing system for leaks (source of smell) DONE
  • convert 2-pin 12v plugs to cigarette socket type DONE
  • sort out navigation software on PC DONE
  • purchase courtesy and quarantine flags DONE
  • replace fuel filters and buy spares DONE
  • empty and clean out fuel tank DONE
  • find rebuild kit for head DONE
  • sort out navigation software on PC DONE
  • buy drifter or assymmetrical spinnaker DONE
  • repair or replace ship's clock DONE
  • repair shower sump pump DONE
  • sew D-rings onto John's inflatable vest DONE
  • install second bilge pump DONE
  • install solenoid and remote shut off for propane system in galley DONE
  • install bilge high water alarm DONE
  • install CO detector DONE
  • new 3" cowl vent for aft lazarette DONE
  • find new boarding ladder DONE
  • purchase shore power adapters (15A and 20A) DONE
  • fix outboard pull cord DONE

  • purchase spare bulbs for all interior light fixtures We will replace with LEDs
  • find new home for battery bank to enable regular monitoring X
  • hook up salt water foot pump in galley X


Tom & Amy said...

Thanks for the comment and glad to see you are following our travels. We are in Morocco and thionk we will be able to leave tomorrow for the canarys. In 3 years the Med is the only place we have been where getting propane has been a problem. I see you are getting ready to do some travels as well, what are your plans? You can email us on the boat at wdc5572 at
Tom and Amy SV Sandpiper

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