Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bodega Bay

We left Newport on Sunday with several other boats, and had excellent winds pushing us down the coast. On Monday, the winds increased and we sailed in strong north-westerly winds, and fairly big swell and chop. Of course, the boat did well, and we made good time, but we had a hard time sleeping with the confused waves. On Tuesday...the wind died and we motored for the next 24 hours in a flat calm. After three nights at sea, we decided to take a break and investigate some new noises coming from our steering pedestal. We stopped in to Bodega Bay for a well-deserved rest, and to disassemble our steering system. We found a few worn pins that we'll be able to replace in San Fran. This was a great spot that we would have liked to explore more – a small community of about 900 people, but we were pretty anxious to keep moving and get settled in San Francisco.

Leaving Bodega Bay in the fog:


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