Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labouring on Labour Day

My folks arrived for a visit on the Labour Day Weekend. For a week, we worked hard varnishing the boat, and other assorted odd jobs. To be honest, Dad put in long hours with the scraper and brush, while Mum and I ran errands, picked up supplies and groceries, and other jobs, before picking up our paint brushes. It was a lot of work, but it looks great. I'm getting lots of compliments on the boat at the marina, and I'm sure Dad could have hired himself out and been able to enjoy the sun for many more weeks!

Although I didn't take any photos of the varnishing process, we did manage to sneak away for one afternoon of the Sausilito Art Festival. We wandered the artist booths, drank beer, and watched the Heros of Woodstock (did you know that it has been 40 years?). Here we are enjoying Canned Heat, and Jefferson Starship...


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