Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ms. Small's Class Has Questions!

Ms. Small's Grade 5/6 class at Armstrong Elementary is very interested in our travels, and has asked us a few questions. I'll answer a few questions every week, but here they are:

What kind of boat do you have?
Why did you want to make this trip?
Have you almost capsized?
Do you have water on the boat?
How do you wash your clothes?
How do you store food on the boat?
How do you keep your food cold?
Can you only eat dried food?
Have you almost fallen overboard?
When will you be back?
How do you shower?
How do you cook your food?
Where do all the wastes go?
Will you stop in Hawaii?
Are you worried about pirates?
Have you ever found treasure?
Have you seen dolphins and whales and sharks?
Do you have flares?
What happens if pirates attack you?
have you been sea sick?
Have you been scuba diving?
Do you see many boats along the way?
What souvenirs will you buy?
What's the coolest thing you've done so far?
Have you seen an octopus?
Have you ever been lost?
Do you sail at night?
What's the coolest sea creature you've seen?
Have pets been on your boat?


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