Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wonderful Neighbors

The marina is full of kind and interesting people. I've been lucky to have good neighbors. Fred and Margaret on Falcon were here for the Labour Day weekend, visiting from the East side of the Bay for the Art Festival. We enjoyed several great conversations and a couple glasses of wine.

My dock neighbors are also great. Joe has a beautiful wooden boat across from us, and Conrad lives on his boat at the end of the finger. Carol is also close by. Barry keeps Melita next to Renova, and we enjoyed an afternoon sail on the Bay. It's been fun to have great people nearby.

Funny enough...I've also had visitors!! Yvonne and Bruno from SV MoMo, who we met in Newport, stopped by while in the neighborhood. did Sunny and Al...from Lantzville!! Unfortunately, I wasn't here when they came by. Too bad.


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