Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Armstrong Div. 6 Questions - Part 3

Hello Armstrong Elementary!!

Here is part 3 of the questions that you have presented:

When will you be back?

We don't have a firm timeline. We'll take stock of our situation at various points throughout this adventure, and make decisions about our future plans as we go. We expect that we'll be gone for at least one year, and perhaps up to two years.

How do you shower?
Most marinas also have showers and restrooms, so whenever possible, we take advantage of these facilities to have showers. At our marina in Sausilito, we have fabulous, free showers!! But some places are coin operated. Where there aren't showers available, we have a shower in our boat (but it takes up LOTS of our precious fresh water), or have a shower in the cockpit.

How do you cook your food?
We have a propane stove and oven in our galley (kitchen), so we cook just like at home. We don't have too many kitchen appliances - no microwave or toaster!! But I do have a hand crank blender, and John has a hand crank coffee grinder.

Where do all your wastes go?
Our head (toilet) is connected to a holding tank - so all our waste gets stored in the tank. Luckily, it is sealed very well and does not smell!! In the USA it is the law that your boat must have a holding tank, if it is equipped with a head. We can empty our holding tank at most marinas, which will have a "pump out station", also available at many fuel docks. I've also noticed that many of the people who live on their boats here subscribe to a mobile pump out station. This is where another boat ties alongside your boat, and pumps your tank into a LARGE tank on their boat. You are also permitted to pump your holding tank into the ocean if you are far, far away from land.

Will you stop in Hawaii?
So far, we don't have plans to stop in Hawaii...but you never know!

Are you worried about pirates?
No - there are several websites that track the occurrence of pirate attacks. We'll stay safe by never traveling in areas where pirates operate, or always travel in the company of other boats.

Have you ever found treasure?
So far the best treasures we've found are the fabulous people that we've met along the way. But...we did pick up a vhf radio floating in the water one day!


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