Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fleet Week

This week is Fleet Week in San Francisco. The Bay area has a long and significant history as a base of military operations, partly due to its key strategic location along the Pacific Coast. Fleet week is an annual celebration is based on welcoming home and showing acknowledgment for the troops, although locals tell me that this celebration is not as well supported these days as in the past. Regardless, the marina is a buzz with activity as all the boats prepare to head out and set anchor for all the action. Think of the chaos in Vancouver Harbour during the annual Fireworks, and then multiply this by at least 10-fold. Now you have a sense of how crazy it is out on the Bay. The boys at West Marine tell me that they are super busy before the weekend when everyone gets their boat ready to go on the water....then they are busy after the weekend, as everyone is fixing the damage they've done and buying a new anchor to replace the one they lost after getting tangled up with everyone else out there!!

What Fun!!

Regardless...the weekend shows were somewhat muted because of the low cloud cover and the odd weather...but I went for a walk in the City earlier this week, and managed to catch the Blue Angels as they were practicing. Here are a few shots.

More photos, as always, on flickr.


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