Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa Barbara to Channel Islands Harbour (Oxnard)

Nov 18
Distance: 30 nm
Ave Spd: 6.3 knots

We left Santa Barbara today and made an uneventful passage to Channel Islands Harbour - Oxnard. Lots more oil rigs on the way, tons of crab traps, and a few more dolphins along the way. We're now tied up at the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club - with their beautiful clubhouse and pool. Membership really does have its privileges.
I've added a few pics to the last week or so. More to come.


robert said...

Hi guys, glad to hear that all is going well for you. Don't hold your breath waiting for us, it sounds like we are starting all over again..they are going to try to make a new rudder and try that! Lets hope all goes well..we may get out of here this year! Course, you guys did stay here for 3 months!
Thinking of you and wishing we were just over the horizon!
Bob and Jane
s/v Mariposa Bella

Naomi said...

We can't wait for you guys to join us!!

Colleen said...

John and Naomi
Spoke with Dave tonight but have been unable to contact you with the email he gave me.
Gary Wessel and Colleen Kelly here. We are coming to La Pas in the next couple of days, we fly to Cabo tomorrow, will stay in San Jose del Cabo and head to La Pas Monday. We hope to find a cruiser who needs crew to help with a passage in the Sea of Cortez. I talked with John's dad, Dave and he said you folks are in La Pas. We hope to see you there! Possibly you will be in transit already by the time we get there, but if not we will be looking for you. Let us know where you are heading, as we hope to bus down the west coast to Barra de Navidad over the next few weeks, maybe we can catch up with you if we miss you in La Pas.
Colleen and Gary

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