Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 10

[Mar 11]

Total distance: 832
24hr distance: 50
Distance to go: 953
Lat/Long: 10°28.01'N / 100°47.69'W

Another stellar day aboard Renova. Yesterday afternoon, the wind picked up and we were once again all smiles to be sailing downwind under spinnaker. As the sun dissapeared over the horizon, we even broke our own rule - never fly the spinnaker after dark. But we were so relieved to be finally making headway, we decided to leave it up. After all...we were only doing 2
knots....but we were thrilled! It turned out to be a wonderful sail, even in the dark, and when the wind died and we finally had to douse it in the wee hours, we had no problems managing it. By sun up, the glassy surface was replaced by ripples, and we hoisted the chute, yet again. Even two knots of boat speed is a thrill, when compared with drifting backwards. Funny, how
our perspective has changed. Some months ago, we would have lit up the engine, if our speedo droped below 4 knots! HA!

Unfortunately our grib files (wind forecasts) show a very big area of no winds ahead of us for the next few days.

Had another swim today - wonderfully refreshing, as the heat and humidity is killer - hard to motivate onself to move, let alone be productive out here!

We hear that our spot position reports are not being received. We do send them out each day at noon, but I can only assume that we may have passed outside of the coverage area for global star's system. Too bad. Not sure how the coverage will be for the crossing to French Polynesia, but I don't have high hopes. In the meantime, I'll include our position at the top of the email for those of you who are tracking our (dismal) progress.


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