Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pacific Crossing - Day 6 - Rock and Roll

[April 14]

Lat/Long: 05°03.20'S / 101°08.48'W

Still crusing along out here. We've had two more great days: 140 and 138 miles respectively. And it is relatively easy sailing. We haven't had to change sails the whole time, and simply reef the sails at night (wind seems to pick up overnight), and then shake them out again in the morning. Once in a while we tweek the monitor wind vane to stay on course. But it is a pretty rolly ride. There are good size swells out here, and wind chop that are not always coming from the same direction, and we're getting tossed around pretty good. We've both got a few new bruises from being caught offguard when we roll unexpectedly.

Then again, if I had to choose between fast and rolly, or slow and stable, give me a galloping stallion any day!!


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