Thursday, March 10, 2011

We've Arrived!

We're back in French Polynesia. After a very long 30 hours of travel, we arrived back to the boat in Raiatea! We quickly had a quick look around, and here is the result:

Good News:
  • Boat is in great shape, no major problems!
  • Batteries seem to be in great shape! Hurray.
  • The boat yard has re-finished the bathrooms with paint and tile - what a wonderful change.
  • Our new fridge-freezer made it through customs, and is keeping our juice nice and cold. 
  • All of our bags arrived without any breakage, or any additional fees!! Over 100 kilos of stuff!

Bad News:
  • We found a small leak, which has resulted in one of our cushion becoming super moldy. Yuck
  • The mosquitos are back.
  • We have very little food on board. We had canned tuna for dinner, and spagetti for breakfast.
  • We didn't keep much food on board that had been opened, but what we had, was thrown away. No more spices!
More updates to come...


Jo said...

Glad to hear you and your stuff made it safe and sound and that the boat was in good shape! I hope you find some yummy eats and spices. Enjoy those tiles. ;)

Looking forward to following your adventures again!

Jen Berry said...

Wow. Didn't realise you were leaving so soon. Watch out for the waves from Japan. Take Care

Anonymous said...

Hi from Jim on Escapade:

Hi guys, hope all is well. I'm in Florida, Escapade sold in December to a guy from Australia.

Have fun

Jim Lenard

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