Thursday, April 7, 2011


We had success windsurfing today. I managed to get a short planing tack, before being catapulted over the top of the mast. John got in a few planing tacks. This time at least, I was able to return to the boat, and John didn't have to row out to rescue me. But, I'm still having a tough time on this board (88l), in the gusty winds. DWD would have been having the time of his life! But, it sure was great to be out in the water again!!

Since we were already on the east side of the island, we tied up to the dock at Utaroa to fill the fuel tanks, and to do another big grocery shop. This is the last time we'll be seeing well-stocked grocery stores, or hardware stores, for a while, so we're filling up. We expect to be self-sufficient for at two-three months, until we reach American Samoa. John is ready. I'm a bit reluctant. It is lovely here. But we have not stayed in one place so long since Mexico! So, I expect we'll be on our way next week.


Ankle Deep said...

There used to be a ferry in American Samoa to Western Samoa that carries your name. Worth getting a photo of Lady Naomi if it is still running.

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