Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And then there was one...

Renova, alone in the anchorage

After a fun-filled couple of days, all of our anchorage companions have now left us. Australia 31 and Secret Agent Man left yesterday, and this morning the Domo Zita and the Calypso, the Italian boat, have also left.

We are now the solitary boat here. The winds have filled in, so we imagine that all of them will have a great
sail to Samoa. Good winds also mean that we could have more boats arriving, who have left from French Poly, including perhaps our friends on La Familia.

Given the number of sharks around here, we look forward to swimming and fishing with friends around, so that we don't have to swim alone!

We've got a few little jobs to do while we're here. The GRIB files that we rely on for our wind forecasts are notoriously less accurate as we move West. So I'm now sorting out the weather fax files that we can receive via our HF (high frequency) radio. And since our little nav computer is making more and more odd noises, I'm setting up our big computer to be ready as a full backup nav system. And organizing our paper charts for the months ahead. And...we are keeping lists of things we need from home, since Dom has been considering another visit while we are in Samoa! Of course, all of this activity is kept at bay by a healthy amount of time spent in the water and enjoying all the new books that I have been accumulating. After having a complete lack of quality reading material, I've started to demonstrate hoarding tendancies...whenever an interesting book becomes available, I can't help but grab it up, even though we are bursting at the seams with books!

My favorite place to curl up with a good book

As always, we appreciate your news. We have heard of the Canucks success in the playoffs. We'll have to get our our Canucks flag!!

At dusk


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