Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 5 to Canton - Slowing Down

We're at day five already. Wind isn't as strong as our first two days, but
we're still keeping up a 5.5 knot average, and the motion is a bit easier.
If we keep this up we'll arrive tomorrow (Thursday) late afternoon. If the
wind dies, like it did last night, we'll have to slow the boat down for a
Friday morning arrival.

We've been listening in to the evening radio 'net' where Eric is reporting
his position. Last night, he was about 28 miles behind us, and making up
time. There is still time for him to catch us. We've got the fishing lines
down, and we're hoping for fish for dinner.

Two days ago, after I uploaded the last blog post, we did indeed get closer
to a small island of Tokelau. Winds were too brisk to allow us to get close
and anchor, but we stalled the boat (hove to) in the lee of the island, and
had two hours of a break from the swell, enabling us to cook up lunch
(ramen), and prep the evening's dinner (chicken stew).

All is well. We're getting lots of sleep, keeping our food down, and looking
forward to our arrival.

At 1300 Samoa Time, our position is:
05 08.2S
171 35.4W
Our ave speed is 5.5.
138 miles to go.


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