Monday, October 24, 2011

Arrived in Majuro, Marshall Islands

After a three day passage, we've settled into Majuro, the capital of the
Republic of Marshall Islands. Our 9th country on this voyage.

Our first day here was a bit hectic. Yesterday morning, John spent a few
hours at the dock awaiting the officials to clear us into the country. When
they didn't show up, he finally went to their offices - first customs, then
immigration. By the time he returned to the boat, it was mid-afternoon, and
I was a sopping wet after collecting water for the past couple
hours...filling buckets, transferring into jerry jugs, then siphoning into
our boat's tanks. We're full again. Whew. And laundry is done. And we're
clean. YAY!!

We spent today wandering around and scoping the lay of the land. We checked
out a few of the glorious grocery stores. It is amazing what a basic grocery
store can do to lift the spirits after spending three months without!! We
happily wandered the aisles of several stores, amazed at all the familiar
brands and products. We just picked up a couple necessities (eggs, bread,
veggies), and can't wait for a bigger shop.

We also checked out internet options. You must pay by the minute. I was also
considering a cell phone, with internet capabilities. Hmmm. Can't seem to
get away from that magnetic force that draws us to new gadgets! But, we
decided to wait and see how we manage for now.

There is quite a cruising community here. At least a dozen boats. There is a
morning [radio] net - complete with weather info, social events, news, etc.
Tonight is cruisers night out, where many eat together at one of the local
restaurants. We're looking forward to getting to know a few people, and
hearing some local beta.

We're here because we have lots of boat work to do. But for now, we'll rest,
shop, eat.


Mark said...

Congratulations on another safe passage. Loved the poem!

Naomi said...

Thanks Mark and Vicki!! We're already thinking about the next one. I must admit, I'm not nearly as thrilled about the North Pacific!!

Johnnya9001 said...

Hello Renova,
You guys are living the dream I have had for many years. I too own a CD36, Indigo, that I sail in San Francisco Bay and the near ocean.
Best wishes to you on your adventure.
John N.

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