Monday, December 12, 2011

Going to Hawaii...

We're going to Hawaii. We've agreed to deliver MY Laysan, a 50'
motor-sailor, to Hawaii next month. You can find out about the boat here:

So, last week we met the owners, John and Kathleen, and had a busy couple of
days getting to know the boat and her systems. Since then, we've been
spending some time every day getting her ready. Getting to know the boat and
her systems, keeping the batteries charged, and making water in preparation
for the trip. She's a great boat, and we're looking forward to the passage.

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Jamie V said...

More details please! Are you leaving your boat there and they flying back? Confused to why you would do this?

Hope all is well. We had a pre-christmas get together with the usual crew and we were all missing you.
J + M

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