Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Minute Prep

Our last week in Majuro was spent with typical pre-trip activities. Lots of
provisioning - I did at least 6 trips to the big grocery and warehouse
stores, plus two beer runs. John's been doing multiple trips to load up on
water and fuel. We've insured the boat for another year with yet another
insurance company. We've sorted out some silly banking mess. We taped up our
spinnaker (which is now more sail repair tape than actual sail cloth).
And we've been spending a small fortune on internet, capturing google earth
images of all the places we might want to visit. We can now overlay these
google images onto our chartplotter to get an idea of how far 'off' our
digital charts are...and also to see some of the character of the passes and
lagoons we plan to enter. Some images even show us the best places to anchor
and the large coral heads that we want to avoid. Just another tool in our
box of tricks.

Also this week, we attended a celebration of life for a sailor living here
in Majuro. We didn't know him very well, but Barney was always kind and
welcoming, and we were sad to hear of his death. Yet another reminder to
live your dreams while it's possible.

We're ready. We're heading to the outer islands. Our tentative plan is to go
North, stop in at some of the islands as we go... do some exploring, read a
few books, snorkel with some critters, shoot some fish, snooze in the
hammock and scour the beaches for those elusive glass balls.

We'll be back soon. Dunno when. 2 weeks. 8 weeks. Somewhere in between.


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