Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tabal - Aur

Not sure if I can adequately describe what an amazing time we had at
Tabal-Aur. This is a small island on the north east corner of Aur Atoll. If
you are looking at Google Earth, you can enter our coordinates: 08 18N, 171

We stayed a week, and we have plans to return. In our short week, we've met
many of the locals and the children have taken to following us around on our
"jambos" (walks). I spent a day in Kendra's classroom, teaching the older
kids about Canada and discussing our trip, and reading Dr. Suess to the
younger kids. It was a hoot. We left all the kids with Canada pencils to
remember us by!

We had Kendra out to the boat to share a meal of pork chops, a rarity around
here, and she took advantage of the opportunity to send an email to her
family. Normally, the mail system is unpredictable, and letters can take
months to reach her.

The kids are very interested in the boat, and some were brave enough to ask
that they see the boat. We were unsure how to answer. How can we make it
fair? How do we get the kids to the boat? What about their parents? Is it
safe? In the end, they solved our dilemma for us. The braver kids swam out
to Renova! First, four of the older girls came out on a foam raft with
Kendra. We gave them a tour and some fruit slices.
Then four boys swam out...all clutching to an old deflated fishing float. They made it, and were
treated to some cold juice and apple slices.

As always, we must move on. Upon leaving, we were gifted with some wonderful handicrafts made by our new friends. We look forward to returning here next month for their Liberation Day celebrations.


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