Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 16 - Brrr

In two days, the temps have dropped ten degrees. On Tuesday, I was wearing a
bikini. Today, I'm bundled in fleece and trying to remember where we stashed
the mittens. 18 degrees may not sound cold to you, but, it feels arctic to
us. We had expected cold, but I hadn't thought it would hit so soon...we're
only at 31 degrees north - same latitude as San Diego.

The last two days have also brought us wind! Mostly from the NW (hence the
cool air), giving us a push in the right direction. It is a bit squally and
we're forever making sail adjustments, but we're pleased with our progress.

The boat has been great. We snapped one Monitor (self-steering) line, but it
was fixed instantly. We found a pile of my clothes had been soaked from a
port hole not closed. Meh. We've just noticed our headsail leech is looking
ragged, so we'll be looking for n opportunity to bring it down to the deck
for inspection and possibly repair.

Today, we'll cross the dateline again...we look forward to our return to the
western hemisphere.

Daily position reports:


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