Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's A Small World

We anchored for the night in Deception Cove, a small inlet at the south end
of Wrangell Narrows. We were reading when we heard the huge engines of a
large boat...very close by. When John popped his head out, he was shocked to
see the AQUILA. We met this boat in Samoa. It's a big Alaskan crab fishing
vessel that was doing rat eradication work for the US National Wildlife
Service in the outlying US Pacific islands. John was thrilled to get a tour
of the boat and chat about Alaskan hot spots while we were in Samoa.
So...imagine our surprise, seeing them here, a year later!

We hailed them on the radio, and Kale and Angie invited us for breakfast the
next morning. What a treat. Smoked salmon and havarti omelettes with fruit
salad. Wow. We showed them some of our pics since we met them in Samoa and
heard about their work in the South Pacific, and their current work - they
have a crew of NOAA marine mammal biologists aboard. Their son Tanner is
keeping a blog... We can't wait to get internet -
I'm sure it would be fascinating reading!


Anonymous said...

Small world Naomi. Yes it is. I am waiting for my girlfriend to come into taveuni Island in Fiji. Good times down here, but our time at Canton remains one of the highlights of my trip. I miss you guys. Ive been spreading 10,000 around the world. You guys should play.

Naomi said...

ERIC!! Great to hear from you. We miss you too, and it's cool that you're taking dice around the world!

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