Sunday, August 12, 2012

Haida Gwaii - Windy Bay

We have a couple days to kill while we wait for our new crew to catch up to
us. We enjoyed visiting Windy Bay, where we wandered through old cedar and
spruce forests. This was the site of the huge protests against logging in
the 80's that led to the creation of this amazing National Park/Heritage
"Looking Around and Blinking House" was built at Windy Bay during the logging blockade of 1985 that led to the protection of the area and the creation of the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site.

Hundreds of pink salmon were preparing to make the arduous journey up the stream to spawn.
We saw lots of Culturally Modified Trees here...

And a HUGE western red cedar tree. Around 800 years old...or so.


Mark said...

We really enjoyed sea kayaking this coast 20 years ago. Would love to see it again by sailboat.

Unknown said...

Naomi and John, We are remembering through your blog, loved the Charlottes, we went through dolemite narrows, we checked it out the evening before by dingy, and we also got wetsuits on and snorkelled here, amasing!! And the whales and dolphins and sealife, too cool, take your time.
We are enjoying the sites in SF
Colleen and Gary

Naomi said...

Mark and Vicki - you really must try to get up here on a boat - it is amazing!

Colleen - I can't believe you snorkelled up here. It looks freezing! But you've inspired me, these tide pools and narrows look incredible.

Anonymous said...

Your huge Spruce tree is actually a Western Red Cedar. A Spruce that size would have a large cylindrical body to it, with no branches down low.

Naomi said...

Anonymous - you are absolutely right, thanks for catching that and pointing it out!! Caption is now fixed!

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