Friday, August 3, 2012

John's Fishin'

August 1

I was pretty smug about my fishing success in Prince Rupert. Our host Marty
deserves the credit, but I still feel pretty good about it.

But today at Refuge Cove, John had some good fish luck too. He managed to
bring in a halibut and a coho. WITHOUT the use of a rod. The fish even came
cleaned and filleted. He's MR. CHATTY on the docks, and that's what happens.
I was happy to be able to offer up a few banana muffins in thanks for the
coho. The halibut was a gift from a fellow Campbell Riverite. I'll have to
keep a batch of cookie dough on hand, just in case he gets lucky again! for dinner!


Colleen Kelly said...

John and Naomi
Good fishing- we caught a tuna on the way to SF
Hope to see you when you're home. Man we loved the Charlottes, hope to get there again. I loved getting into the water and snorkelling there.
cheers Colleen and Gary

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