Friday, September 7, 2012

What We're Up To...

Well, I know what I haven't been up to...this blog. Nor have I sorted out the millions of photos from the last few weeks of our travels. Hmmm...maybe this weekend??  We'll see. But no promises...I know better than that!

What we have been doing - well, John's working. Building a massive addition onto a friend's house, and then reno-ing the original part of the house. Big project and he's so happy to be working.

Me? Not nearly so productive (financially speaking, that is). What I have been doing is a lot of laundry. Everything on the boat (stinky, moldy, yucky) and everything that we pull out of storage (stinky, dusty, yucky). That's been fun, but the weather has been super-fan-tabulous, so at least I can put most stuff outside to dry. Sorta like boat living.

What else? Well, I'm still looking for a job. I'm also trying to catch up with some friends and family. Cleaning the boat and bringing home duffel bag after duffel bag full of boat stuff. Fixing my recovering-from-being-left-in-storage car (with help from fix-it videos on YouTube). But mostly, what I've spent most of my time on is this: Still not finished. But to my faithful blog readers...maybe you'd take a look and give me some tips or feedback??


Marie-Andree said...

Welcome home guys. We shoud get together to exchange stories...

I want to hear about you Naomi so email me...


Curtis said...

I have to say that really enjoyed reading your blog. i am working towards sailing away and fulfilling my dream of sailing the world. I currently live in Victoria BC. so not far away from your home port. I have a web site called.
Living aboard boats and i have posted a link from my seb site to yours as well as a little profile of you two. Hope you enjoy it.

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