Saturday, August 22, 2009

Still in Newport

We're here with about 10 other sailboats, awaiting a shift in the winds to push us towards San Francisco. We're all hoping that tomorrow is the magic day!! But in the meantime, we're enjoying exploring Newport...there is a lively waterfront district here, beautiful sandy beaches, and a farmers market! We've also been chatting with the other cruisers...mostly about weather, but also comparing notes on San Fran and Mexico.

We even walked out to the point to see the historic Yaquina Lighthouse, and walked back across the bridge to the marina.

And...oddly enough, we bumped into a couple whose blog I've been following: SV Zephyr. They managed to run aground on the entrance into the marina this morning...which is very easy to do. We've seen a couple boats do this. There is a negative tide here at times. Crazy.
We've also met other cruisers here:
George and Celeste on SV Nereid
Peter and Josh on SV Delphis (I think)
Yvonne and Bruno on MoMo


Kazzy said...

Newport is a great place! If you get the chance.. go for a pint in the Rogue Brewery in the port area... they have great beer, cool t-shirts, and decent food!!! Happy Trails... love reading about your sails

Naomi said...

Oh...we were so close!! And we didn't stop in. There are so many small breweries in this is hard to choose!

Hope you guys are all doing well!!

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