Saturday, October 31, 2009

Armstrong Elementary Questions - last installment

What is the coolest thing you've done so far?
That's a good question! We've had lots of excellent adventures on this trip, but some of our favorites are seeing the humpback whales, the Giants baseball game, and Alcatraz Island!
Have you seen an octopus?
Not on this trip so far!
Have you ever been lost?
Luckily - NO! Well...not on the water. But I have been known to take a wrong turn while I explore a new town or hiking trail!
Do you sail at night?
When two ports or harbours are too far away, and we can't make it in one day, then we will sail at night. We take turns - one person is always awake and on watch, while the other person sleeps - we usually do three or four hour shifts.
What is the coolest sea creature you've seen?
Although I've been fortunate to see many Humpback Whales, they are still my favorite!! These enourmous creatures seem to be graceful, yet powerful - and seem to be oddly inquisitive. For some reason, I imagine them to be very wise.
Have pets been on your boat?
We don't have any pets, but we often take our friend's and family's dogs with us on board. Shima is now able to climb up and down the ladder, and Cody is comfortable jumping down into the dinghy from the deck! Not all dogs like the boat - especially when we are sailing, and the boat heels over to one side!!
Here is Amy with Shima on our old boat:
John rows Cody to the beach:


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