Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today...another fabulous day of exploring the city...

I started at the Golden Gate Bridge, and walked south along the ocean side of the peninsula, passing through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, by amazing beaches, until I arrived at the Legion of Honor.

There, I stopped at the museum to admire (for free - thank you Sausalito Library) the artwork from various eras...but with a stunning collection of Rodin sculptures...including "The Thinker".

I continued south along the ocean, exploring the ruins of the Sutro Baths, more beaches, and enjoyed a cocktail at the touristy, historic, Cliff House.

Finally, I reached the creme de la creme - Ocean Beach - what a fabulous spot. There were surfers catching rides, windsurfers waiting for the wind, and just happy beach-goers enjoying a sunny day.

From the beach I wandered through Golden Gate Park and took a bit of time to explore the Japanese Tea Garden. A delightful, relaxing oasis. I took oodles of pictures, but would like to spend much more time here. From there, I made my way back to time to enjoy wine and cheesecake with Bob and Jane, fellow cruisers from...NANAIMO! I met them yesterday, as their boat was in the boat yard here, minus one rudder(!), flying the maple leaf. Of course, I had to say hello! Turns out they left about a week after we did, but have had a bit of stormy weather and some bad luck on their way down.


atabata said...

Sounds like a fantastic day indeed! I blame Shima for not getting to see the Tea gardens when we were there!!! AT

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