Friday, January 15, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog

Since we've been in La Paz, Jacob and Julia on Pisces have been working hard to convince us that hot dogs are in an entirely different realm here in Mexico. So together, we decided to make it our business to find out more. Last night, we decided to do a crawl of a few of the hot dog stands that line the streets of downtown La Paz.I know, some of you are thinking that this sounds like absolute craziness. After all, how can one assume the food safety of these delightful morsels, when the vendors have no running water, or means of cleaning hands or implements, let along food. But hey...we're in Mexico, after all. And our stomachs have proved themselves to be mostly tough to the local conditions.

So after a couple of happy hour beverages at the local cruising club, Club Cruseros, we set off across town in search of the best hot dog in La Paz. For your reading pleasure, Pisces has documented our evening, hot-dog-stand by hot-dog-stand...all 5 of them. Plus of course, the corn stand that we threw in for good measure.

We agree with their rating, that our final tasting at the stand on the Malecon was by far the best. How could it not be? It was an exquisite culinary feat with hot dog, bacon, grilled ham, melted cheese, carnitos (shredded pork), lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, mayo, ketchup, mustard...oh la la. Hot dog heaven, I tell you.

But, since this was the last dog of the evening, it was a bit more difficult to get down:

We did differ slightly from Pisces in our opinion of the number 2 rated dog. We vote for the "Radio Shack" dog. Not the especiale dog, but tasty delicious, all the same. Eric recommended this stand to us, and he was right. The best normale in town. Hard to compete against the especiale, though.

Here we are eating the "Radio Shack" dog - it was our first stand of the night, and we're obviously still very happy about this idea:
In any case, check out Pisces' blog to read their detailed account of the evening's (mis)adventures.


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