Thursday, January 14, 2010

La Paz Living

La Paz continues to enchant us. John's spirits are high - with both a new (to him) spear gun, and a refurbished outboard motor. I am stocking our shelves with enough supplies to take us into the next phase of this adventure. And, we're enjoying sharing the company of the other cruisers down here. Here are a few images from the last week or so.

The La Paz malecon - or main drag - is a wonderful tiled walkway along the waterfront, complete with ice cream, kettle corn, and a variety of street vendors. And at this time of year, families flock to the malecon to test out their new Christmas prezzies - skateboards, bicycles, and roller blades!

Bronze statues are common along the malecon

This radar tower in front of the navy is dressed up all pretty...

Everyday involves shopping for provisions for the next leg of this adventure. This requires me to take inventory of what we currently have in Renova's stores. Here is a photo of the re-provisioning process, as a tribute to the similar photos that SV Pisces loves to share.


Mark and Jamie said...

Do I see some ichiban noodles in the lower left corner of that picture?

Jo said...

The photos bring back found memories of La Paz as I passed through at the start or end of kayak trips. Glad to hear you're enjoying the area.

Naomi said...

m&j - YES, you don't think I'd go without Ichiban, do you? The scary part, is that those are the last 2 packages on board (we started with a couple of cases, 6 months ago). that we can't find ichiban anywhere...we're stocking up on "Top Ramen" and "Maruchan" brands. Scary stuff.

Jo - I'd love to hear more about your favorite kayak haunts. We've been seeing some kayakers, and it reminded me that you have likely been to these same nooks and crannies!

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