Saturday, January 30, 2010

La Paz to Isabela

Staying in La Paz, we were going squirrely,
So we left for Los Muertos, bright and early.

It was flat calm, so we motored all day,
Arrived mid-afternoon to this beautiful bay.

With the hook set, we jumped right in,
Paddled and floated, and went for a swim.

Pisces arrived very soon after,
We had dinner and drinks, shared stories and laughter.

The next day was mellow - we read our books,
But near to the shore, we were drawn to have a look,

Earl, in his dinghy, caught three big fish,
He dropped one on our boat, as if he knew our wish.

Happy hour was hosted by Earl and Louise,
Then dinner was served aboard Pisces.

We rose early to see gray whales breach in the bay,
Weighed anchor, pointed east and set the sails for the day.

The wind came and it left, we went with the flow,
We took turns at the helm and resting below.

We saw rays and turtles, on the surface they lie,
Boobies hitched a ride, by perching up high.

We were at sea for three days and two nights,
The moon was so full, behold, what a sight!

Isla Isabela welcomed us with a pod of whales,
We anchored at the south and pulled down our sails.

Looking forward to exploring the rest of the Isle,
But first we must rest - for just a little while.


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