Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back in La Paz

The weather window that we had hoped for did not materialize, so we are back in La Paz. We'll make use of our time here to continue to provision in anticipation of our crossing to the Galapagos. And...we've already had a great dinner out at Rancho Viejo with Pieces!!

Today we are boat-bound, as the wind is 25-30 in the anchorage!! This afternoon, our dinghy has tried to make an escape for the beach, but two fabulous fellow cruisers saved us with her rescue! It would be a long swim to shore! We'll try to leave again in a few days, when the swells calm down a bit.


Bob and Jane said...

Hey guys..Jane and Bob here. Sorry to hear that you got stuck with similar weather to what we have been having. However, we finally broke free of Monterey yesterday morning and we shot down to Santa here in 33 hours. Now we are ready for bed..but a drink first. Take care you guys and ya never know..we may bump into you on Vancouver Island!

Daisy on the Serenity said...

Hi John and Naomi! We enjoyed meeting you and will be following your trip on your blog. Don't forget to take us up on a visit to Anchorage or Laconner. Good seas. Earl, Louise and Daisy (

Naomi said...

Bob and Jane - Glad to hear that you've reached escape velocity!! We LOVED Santa Barbara - definitely one of the places we could see ourselves spending more time in.

Earl and Louise - we were thrilled to meet you too, and I'm sure we'll meet again, Anchorage, La Conner....or maybe even Campbell River!! :O) After all...we are still Nordhaven owner wannabees...

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