Friday, April 23, 2010

Pacific Crossing - Day 15 - Spooled

[April 23]

Lat/Long: 08°22'S / 121°49'W
24hr distances: 130 nm and 155 nm (25 hours)

Just before sunset, our fishing rod started to squeal, and line peeled off faster than we could have imagined. John had the rod and was tightening up the already-tight reel, but it was no use. The fish (or whale??) had decided to run, and run it did. Within moments, the entire spool of 100-lb test line was gone, and there was a snap, as the line broke away from the reel.

I suppose it is all for the best. Must have been a monster (of course), and what would we do with a fish that big anyway??!?!?

I did take the first and only picture on this passage so far - John holding the fishing rod with an empty reel. And looking quite sad.

As for the sailing, we're still getting enough wind to put in very respectable daily mileage totals. We continue to have about a 2 meter swell, so the boat is still quite lively. Still, the days are pretty monotonous. John hasn't been feeling well this week, so I've taken up galley duty. But it isn't pretty. Our meals are plain at best. Simple pasta and sauce, tuna sandwiches, boiled eggs, that sort of thing. Yesterday, John resumed his role as cook. I don't think he's feeling much better. I suspect he would rather cope with the boisterous galley, then with my culinary creations!! Not sure what happened to me. I used to be able to cook. Before John. I think.

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