Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pacific Crossing - Day 17 - Fishing Again

[April 25]

Lat/Long: 08°42.87'S / 126°32.89'W
24hr distances: 138nm and 144nm

Since our rod is out of commission, we're now fishing with a hand line...a shorth length of 100lb test monofilament, with lure, attached to a bungy cord, and tied to the back of the boat. Pretty primative. But the yellow fin tuna that we caught yesterday didn't seem to mind. Yummy sushi!!

Another puddle jumper lost 3 of his lower shrouds (the rigging that holds up the mast) this week. He has managed to stabilize the rig with lines, and the rig is still standing. He's about 1300 miles away from Hiva Oa, and has enough fuel to motor for 900 miles. It is very comforting to listen to the evening radio 'net', and hear all the support they received from the rest of the puddle jumping fleet. They are doing well, and last night they took a transfer of 50 gallons of fuel from a tanker en route to Cuba from Vietnam. I think the Coast Guard organized it...pretty incredible.

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Mark / Donna Stuart said...

I,ve seen John catch fish with worse stuff than that. There was a time when we would stand 5 feet away from each other casting the same lure into the same part of a lake and John would be pulling fish out steady when I'd be lucky to get a nibble! Press on you two, your doing great. Did you get my message about the sat phone?

Love Cuz

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