Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy in Paradise...

[May 12]
It really is difficult to find the discipline to sit in front of a computer when one is anchored in paradise. Since our last blog post, we've left the pristine anchorage of Tahuata Island, and have ventured back to Hiva Oa - the island where we started. Along with A Small Nest ( and Elena (, we are now exploring the less populated Northern coastline. We first anchored at Hana Menu - and although it was windy and rolly, our spirits were soon buoyed when we found an idyllic fresh water pool that was crystal clear and icy cold - what a refreshing place to take a dip!! There were a few houses here, but it didn't seem like anyone was living here at the moment. There were a few men working on a cement foundation, that was to be a new house for a growing family, but they were very kind, allowing us to use the pool, and telling us a little about this place.

It was a tricky dinghy landing, and we got quite soaked on our way back out to the boats...even though we took advantage of catching a lift in the inflatables of the other two boats, instead of trying our luck with our small dinghy. This was definitely a beach where a 15+ hp engine was a huge assett!!

That afternoon, we decided to continue to the next bay, in search of a less rolly and windy anchorage. It took some determination to get there in the strong headwinds, and John and I were both soaked from waves coming over the deck and into the cockpit. We arrived at Hana Iapa, shortly before dark, and
quickly prepared a few spicy tuna rolls, and lovely tuna sashimi to share with our friends upon arrival. We were gifted with a huge piece of tuna from a 56 foot Nordhaven power boat from Hawaii as we left our anchorage that morning - they had caught a 35 lb tuna earlier that morning. We enjoyed a fun night aboard A Small Nest, feasting on fresh tuna, bananas, and delightful wine.

We spent today exploring Hana Iapa - a small village of about 100 people. Imagine our surprise when we saw a sign for a Yacht Club, in the house next to the church! Of course we investigated. William welcomes visiting yachts to his home, provides wonderful fruit and a cool drink, and allows you to sign and peruse his guest book. He has comments from so many yachts in his book. Unfortunately, he lost his original book with over 300 yacht signatures when his house caught fire some years ago. We snorkeled along the rocky shore, but found there was limited visibility and few exciting fish.
Certainly no lobster, and no manta rays!

Tonight...hamburgers for 11 people onboard Renova. I think this will be a record!

**Tip: If you'd like to check out the blogs our our frinds on A Small Nest and Elena, you may find a tool like Google Translater useful!**


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...
Sounds like way too much fun and it's getting difficult to read as I sit here watching a big, dark rain cloud roll in from mnt Benson!

Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi and John,
I just discovered your site here and spent a rainy tuesday morning in nanoose escaping into your sailing life. Thanks! Wish I could have seen you off before you left the island but looking forward to a visit with you one of these days.
I must say that your trip is a dream for me and your adventures, writing, and photos are going to keep me thinking...take care! Jeff C

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