Sunday, May 9, 2010

I DO like coconuts!

[May 8]

We stayed at Hiva Oa one more night to take in the local festivities happening in town last night. It seemed the whole town was there, as well as many visitors. Musicians and dancers came from the surrounding islands to play in a large show at the school gym. Also...we were treated to a beauty pageant, with contestants again coming from nearby islands, and strutting their stuff in the bikinis, Polynesian dresses and giving us a glimpse of their dance skills. In fact, we were able to hitch a ride on the school bus that was taking a drum band and their gear to the party.

The dancing was fabulous - there was an amazing male troupe that had an aggressive dance with lots of stomping and beating their hands on their chest, legs and the floor. Sepke (from S/Y A Small Nest) was sitting beside me and couldn't believe how red their chests were looked like it would hurt!! In another group, all the women and girls of all ages from a nearby village were dancing, and it was absolutely amazing to see the way these women are able to move their hips - most of us yachties need a bit of practice!!

Today, we moved on to a new island - Tahuata. We're only a couple of hours away from Hiva Oa, but it is a world of difference!! The sand beach is beautiful and water is crystal clear blue, so we could see our anchor from the deck in 30 feet of water!! Of course, we jumped into the water, as soon as we had dropped the hook, as it feels like it's been ages since we've been able to swim from the boat.

We spent the afternoon exploring the beach. There is a seasonal shelter here, perhaps it is a small coconut plantation, and we had a great time rooting around and gathering lemons, pamplemousse (like sweet grapefruit), and coconuts. Although I don't like coconut at home...fresh coconut tastes entirely different, and it is DELICIOUS!! It is a bit challenging to get to the meat, but well worth it.

By late afternoon, all the boats had joined us on the shore, and we had a fun cocktail hour or two on the beach getting to know everyone. Most people here at the moment are around our age. Very unusual!! Of course, the retired segment is represented also - at least three or four boats, but surprising that most of the boats have crew in their 30's and 40's. And there is a boat here, S/V Passages with Pat and John, that are from Maple Bay - only a couple hours from our home in Campbell River! In fact, they used to keep their boat very close to Hard Drive, the boat that I was crewing on for
Sunday races! Small world!!

We enjoyed a yummy spaghetti dinner aboard "A Small Nest" [], with Willem, Heike, Sepka, Ward and Flor from Belgium! The kids entertained us with their stories and excellent card tricks on their gorgeous Beneteau. They are from the Flemish side of Belgium and are teaching us some new words - Hallo...Da!! Luckily, it is pretty close to German, and many years ago Pete and Christina taught me a few words on a visit to Germany and John speaks a bit of German, but still...we are very

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Anonymous said...

coconut is a bit hard on the system. Our cat loves coconut, but can`t digest it. your`d hear rumbles coming out of her for 2 days...
enjoy sun and southern sea life.

Marie-Andree said...

As Nielsen-Smeelson sing: if you put the lime in the coconut and mix it all together. Put the lime in the coconut and then you feel better. I say Doctor, what's you got to relieve a belly-ache.. it shouldm help your digestion :))

PS we did the Saltspring race on Hardrive and did well 13 in our division and 28 overall!!!




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