Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still in Rangiroa

We're still here in Rangiroa. The wind forecast was increased, so we decided to hang out here for a while. Neither of us have any desire to head out into 30 knot winds at the moment. Who knows...maybe it won't materialize. No worries. We're loving it here, so it doesn't really matter.

Above is a pic of John and I on our dive this week. Thanks to Taku, who gave us a copy of the photo. He did 11 dives while he was here!! WOW.

Our Position: 14°58.1'S and 147°38.2'W


Kazzy said...


When you are home, I can't wait to have a pint and hear your stories. That would be worth a trip to the island!

Mark said...

John and Naomi,
We have really enjoyed following your adventures! You have inspired us to follow you across next year.

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